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Do babies need bibs?

Scarlett and Michel Smart Organic Baby Clothes

Yes, it is inevitable. Babies spit up milk all the time between newborn to six months. From six months to twenty-four months they are learning to eat solids, drooling or teething. So yes, they will need bibs during their infancy years and early toddler years.


Some babies spit up milk more than others. My baby had very bad reflux, so the smell of sour milk is something I would always smell on her clothes because I would forget to put the bib on her outfit or I left it somewhere around the house. When I did my best to put on the bib, it always looked kind of funky because it wouldn’t match and she was bothered by it wrapping around the neck.

A bib is necessary, but how many times did we as parents searched for a misplaced bib around the house? Can you pass me the bib? Sound familiar...

Yes, a lot of the times.

As a mom, I tried to keep my baby dry and clean at all times to make her comfortable and sick-free. For this reason, I tried to use a bib. BUT, in my mind, I started wishing that I could have a bib that was part of the clothes but couldn’t express it. But my husband did, since he was always passing me the bib.  “If only there were baby clothes with a bib that could easily attach and detach onto the clothes instead of around the neck. It would help my forgetful mommy brain stay more organized and my baby’s clothes would stay clean longer.”


Yeah, those too! I had lots of them but never really used them because they were somewhere in the house but not on my shoulder.


Yes, I needed bibs because my baby got her clothes dirty all the time!  But all the bibs on the market were not working because they bothered my baby’s neck. She would just “yank it off.”


I decided it was time to take this “just an idea” into real practice. I made the first onesie with an attachable bib for my daughter. It was such an ease to have the bib attached to the onesie. It just made sense to have it part of it, because I would never forget to put it on. Once it was dirty, I just changed the bib and not the whole outfit! It also works like a burp cloth where I could fold it over my shoulder while on the baby’s clothes. It was so functional and looked great on the clothes!


My baby and I loved this product because it was comfortable for my baby and made it easier for me! Our bibs come part of any style and we make it in the softest organic cotton. Check out our collection of prints and solid colors.  

With Love,

Scarlett + Michel

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