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How to buy baby clothes?

Scarlett and Michel Smart Organic Baby Clothes

What do you need for the first 30 days after delivery? Well you’ll need baby clothes for sure. It’s better to prepare before delivery than wait for later. After delivery, you will be so busy getting out of the hospital that you won’t have time to choose the right baby clothes.

Babies will need the basics, which are one-pieces, footed pajamas, onesies, rompers, blankets, hats, bibs and possibly pacifiers. Babies also need soft, comfortable and practical clothes. Most importantly, babies need to stay dry and clean at all times! How to get all this in one shopping experience?

It’s easy! We sell Smart Baby Clothes™ made from the softest organic cotton with an attachable bib, hat or pacifier strap.


SMART BABY CLOTHES™ have an attachable bib that is part of all babies’ essential clothing keeping them dry, clean and comfortable at all times. Our clothes also allows for attachment of a pacifier strap made out of 100% organic cotton. You’ll love our pacifier strap because it fits on all pacifiers and is not made with a bulky plastic clip. Smart Baby Clothing also means that you can keep your baby’s hat attached as well so you don’t lose it.

They were invented by Scarlett + Michel, a mom & dad, for our daughter. We took “just an idea” into real practice and made the first onesie with an attachable bib for our daughter. It was such an ease to have the bib attached to the onesie, because I would never forget to put it on. Once dirty, I just changed the bib and not the whole outfit! It also works like a burp cloth where I could fold it over my shoulder while on the baby’s clothes. It was so functional and looked great on the clothes!

Anyone who saw it said “that’s a smart idea!”  So that is where “Smart Baby Clothes” came from! Thought by a father, made by a mother and loved by babies.

Keep the bib part of the outfit and make it look good!


Our product is loved by babies and moms! It is super comfortable for babies and makes it easier for moms! Our bibs come part of any style and we make it in the softest organic cotton. Check out our collection of prints and solid colors.  

With love,

Scarlett + Michel

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